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Let us host your next Fundraising Event .
We can put together an event your guests will never forget .

We have two different ways that we can help your group raise money.

The first way is to host a Fundraising Party at Bev and Wallys .  You promote the time and date to your group/family member/ friends and anyone else that you think would like to come and play some games.  Normal events like this run from 2-3 hours.  Your people come and play games and win prizes just like normal. At the end of the event we donate back 30 percent of the proceeds from the event to your group.

The second way to have Bev and Wallys help you in your fundraising needs is to pre-sell our prepaid game cards.  We supply your group with collection forms  and they take orders from friends and family for the game cards ( think Girl Scout Cookies sales ) . When your group is done selling the cards you total up how many cards you have sold and we will supply the cards to you to distribute.
What we found has worked well is that your group sells a $30 card . You pay us $20 for that card and keep the $10 for your group. Of course we can customize this to suit your needs.
The game cards work just like normal and do not expire . The holder of the card can come in at any time and play games just as they normally would .

Call us at 1-732-581-3578 to discuss what we can do for you or email [email protected]